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Rainbow Painters

31 - Jul - 2012

Painters and Decorators For You



Painting and decorating is a mucky business and a number of issues arise from our activities:


1. Waste Disposal

a) We comply with Environment Agency requirements regarding disposal of waste. These specify that waste materials that previously belonged to our customers, e.g. stripped wallpaper, unwanted fixings, broken plaster/render, etc. are the responsibility of the customer. Russell Marlow Painting and Decorating is not a waste carrier and does not hold a licence to do so. This means that we can only take away the residue of what we have supplied, e.g. packaging, surplus materials, empty paint tins, etc.

b) We were the first Painting and Decorating business to sign up with Dulux Decorator Centre in Worthing for their empty can recycling service. The alternative is landfill. (See photos below)

c) We recycle all cardboard, metal, plastics.


2. Paint Products

a) Traditionally, a good finish, particularly on woodwork, could only be achieved using oil-based paint. However, these have a number of drawbacks including smell, emissions, toxic paint waste, long drying time, and a tendency to yellow over time. For internal work we seek to use Dulux Trade water-based alternatives including their 'Ecosure' range which has lower embodied carbon. Whilst the paint industry was forced to reduce VOC content in 2010, harmful emissions from oil-based paint remain higher than water-based paint and in some respects, performance has suffered.

b) Whilst we have great confidence in the Dulux Trade product range for quality and reliability, we have worked with Newlife Paints Limited to develop a high quality range of emulsions, using recycled paint. This is a ground-breaking and technically excellent approach to addressing the huge volume of waste paint. We have completed many successful projects using Newlife Paints and are delighted to specify Newlife to our customers. Please visit their website for more information:


3. Cleaning Up

a) We minimise the need to clean by wrapping rollers and brushes in thin plastic sheet so they can be reused without loss of performance. For oil-based painting we have invested in 'Brushmate' technology so that wet brushes can be kept for re-use.

b) Apart from the time required to wash and maintain rollers and brushes, the water usage is very high. We have identified a machine which offers automation and water recycling. We are hoping to implement this technology during the Autumn of 2012.


Overall, this holistic approach assures our customer that we are serious about providing them with an ecologically sound service derived from professionalism and expertise in this field.


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